Walk On Water, Almost!

See someone stand up paddling (SUP) and you might think they were walking on water. Well, you wouldn’t be too far from the truth! All you need is a big board and a paddle, and you’re all set to take your first steps on water.

Dubbed the ‘bicycle of the waters’, SUP offers a fun, relaxing way to play on the water while simultaneously being able to enjoy your surroundings. Whether it be the unique sea creatures or the majestic view of the horizon, paddlers can take in nature’s beauty free at their own pace. So unlike other extreme water sports like surfing or wakeboarding, where one is more focused on wrestling with the elements, SUP offers a more scenic and beginner-friendly experience for water exploration.

What’s more, SUP offers you a full-body workout, and is a popular cross-training activity for those looking to shed some weight. Burn calories while having fun? It is no wonder that SUP is taking the water sports community by storm!

But while SUP is growing tremendously, many paddlers are complaining that stand up paddling in Singapore and other major cities just don’t have the scenic views to get that oomph factor. Instead, paddlers in search of natural beauty are increasingly looking towards overseas beach destinations such as Indonesia and the Philippines, with their stretches of fine-grained sand and crystal clear waters, perfect settings to savour the true wonder of nature.

One such location is Trikora beach in Bintan, Indonesia. the beach is a favourite of water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike for its favourable tradewinds, versatile waters, and fascinating marine life. So if you are looking for that memorable SUP experience, Trikora Beach offers SUP lessons or class specially tailored to making sure paddlers of any skill level have a great time on its waters.